Julie was an absolute pleasure to work with. We felt she made it her mission to get to know the two of us and that translated to a very personal and intimate ceremony. Julie’s charisma and calming presence put us at ease and allowed us to enjoy our wedding ceremony to the fullest. We would recommend Julie a to anyone looking for a personalized wedding ceremony!

 June 2019

Emily & Jonathan

Julie exceeded our expectations. Due to covid, we contacted Julie very last minute and talked through FaceTime about the big day. Walking down the aisle was my first-time meeting Julie but instantly I felt like she was someone I knew my entire life. She was gentle, romantic, professional, and funny all at the same time. She laughed with us, cried with us, and celebrated with us in the short time we were able to spend with her. I would recommend Julie to anyone ever looking for an officiant. We had guests and other professional staff at our wedding that have seen many weddings and said she was by far the best officiant they have ever seen. Thank you Julie.

November 2020

James & Cassidy

Heather and I can’t imagine having chosen a better person to officiate our marriage! When we first chose her, she stood out because she had great reviews… AND… because she had her dog in her photo, lol. Julie was amazing right from the start considering we started planning for an August wedding in June. She was very flexible and easy-going, even when we had to change the date…twice? and helped us make the ceremony our own, which turned out truly perfect. On the day of, she was punctual and professional in getting everything in order, while also being incredibly warm and personable throughout. She felt the ceremony as if she were part of the family. Our day could not have gone better and Julie was obviously a big part of that. Julie, Thank you, thank you, thank you for making our ceremony so memorable!

August 2021

Love, Heather & Mel

Julie was the missing piece to our perfect day. Her professionalism and caring nature are evident in the great work she does. For never having met Julie; we instantly felt a connection and knew she was the best fit to be our officiant. Julie encouraged creativity when writing our vows and supported any changes to the ceremony with ease. We will never forget the integral part she had in our wedding. We would recommend Julie to anyone and everyone.

September 2020

Scott & Taylor

Julie was an amazing officiant. She was always ready to answer any of my questions and was so willing to help us throughout the entire process (even when I asked questions after the wedding had passed). She ensured everything was to our liking and was such an amazing guide and officiant.

July 2021

Jacob & Sydney

Julie Connolly was lovely to work with. Very encouraging, accommodating, and helpful.

She adapted expertly and professionally to the realities of a wedding during covid and made sure we

felt comfortable with the whole ceremony.

We’re grateful she was there with us on our special day to make it even more special

with her elegant giving of our ceremony.

She guided us expertly through the ceremony with good humour and grace.

June 2021

Daniel & Stephanie

Julie was so lovely, many of my family commented on how much they loved her and the ceremony she did. We have recommended her to some friends and cousins that plan to get married in 2021.

December 2020

Cory & Brookelynn

Julie was amazing to work with. She supported us in figuring out the ceremony and really allowed us to plan it in our own way. Julie was easy to talk to and very approachable. She was organized and well prepared with everything. Thank you!

October 2020

Derek & Karen

Julie was warm and compassionate. She knew exactly what we wanted and exceeded all expectations.

December 2019


Robert & Cheryl

Julie went above and beyond to help make our day perfect and the ceremony exactly how we pictured it.

Thank you Julie for everything!

September 2019

Kayla & Tyler

Julie was amazing! She was great to work with and took into consideration all our asks and ideas of how we wanted our ceremony to run.  She had a wonderful presence and delivered our ceremony in a way that exceeded all of our expectations.  She had an amazing vibe!

We had so many people come up to us after the ceremony and compliment Julie.

August 2019

Russell & Selena

Julie was amazing.  She is so organized, kind and amazing to work with.  We highly recommend Julie! Thank you for everything, Julie!

July 2019

Graham & Angela

We would like to thank our amazing Officiant Julie. Our service was very relaxed and easy-going, just what we wanted. Julie is a very vibrant, friendly, warm individual who made us feel very comfortable. We knew from the day we met her at our pre-wedding meeting the day was going to be perfect!! I would highly recommend Julie.

June 2019

Kirk & Carol

Julie was an absolute pleasure to work with. We felt she made it her mission to get to know the two of us and that translated to a very personal and intimate ceremony.  Julie’s charisma and calming presence put us at ease and allowed us to enjoy our wedding ceremony to the fullest. We would recommend Julie to anyone looking for a personalized wedding ceremony!

June 2019

Emily & Jonathan

Julie exceeded our expectations. She was courteous and took care of everything for us. We just showed up at the altar and followed her lead. Many people at my wedding mentioned that Julie seemed like a family friend by the way she interacted with us. She was the perfect officiant. I would highly recommend her!

September 2018

Belva & Megan

Julie was a great help with our surprise wedding with just our children and us. She was able to provide us with helpful tips along the way to make a special day. We would recommend Julie to any couple looking for a trustworthy person to perform their wedding ceremony.

Todd & Laurie

Julie was warm, knowledgeable and professional. She did a great job of creating the exact ceremony that we wanted. We would happily recommend her to other couples looking for an officiant!

July 2018

Leigh-Anna & Jason

Julie was a fantastic officiant!! From the very start, she made everything easy and relaxing. She was very supportive of our choice to write our own vows and make our ceremony more personal, which was exactly what we wanted! She spoke with grace, ease and poise, and followed our request to keep the day light and fun. Julie is the perfect choice for the officiant to help you make your day special!  Thanks, Julie, no one could have done it better!

Love Shannon and Tom!

Julie was fantastic and professional. I will definitely be recommending her to any friends or family in the future. During our ceremony with all of the emotions of the day, we saw Julie’s eyes fill up as we were exchanging vows. It really touched us as it showed us how happy she was to be with us on our special day. Thank you, Julie!!!

October 2016

Ashley & Michael
“We cannot stress enough how lovely it was to work with Julie. She is a great listener, very accommodating, and very helpful. Most importantly she is trustworthy, and her years of experience will ease any worries you may have. When it came down to the big day we got the short and sweet ceremony we had envisioned, it was perfect.”
Tyler & Marteen

Julie was so warm and welcoming when we first met her she put David and I at ease immediately. She went over all the information with us and when we agreed that it all seemed “right” we left with no worries it’d all be taken care of!

Thank you again, Julie!


David & Erin

For the Love of Love…