For the Love of Love…

Love is the reason we are all here & story is what connects us.

If you are looking for a heartwarming & captivating ceremony for your wedding that’s as unique as your own love story then you are in the right place because

that’s what I do!

I’m Julie and I would love to Officiate your wedding!



“Custom” means that from the welcome, to the exchange of vows and rings, to the pronouncement of your marriage and everything in between, I guide you through the options, and we work together in a personal planning session so you get the ceremony you’ve always dreamed of.



“Personal” means (and this is the best part!) I’m not just pulling platitudes out of a can from the wedding I did the week before. There’s magic in how you met and got engaged and love each other, and even more magic in telling your family and friends on your day.


“Legal” means I’m certified with the province to register your marriage and fulfill all obligations as a lawful officiant. Your paperwork is handled and filed according to those regulations, and you get peace of mind knowing that your marriage is fully legalized.

Julie was fantastic and professional. I will definitely be recommending her to any friends or family in the future. During our ceremony with all of the emotions of the day, we saw Julie’s eyes fill up as we were exchanging vows. It really touched us as it showed us how happy she was to be […]
Ashley & Michael

Julie was a fantastic officiant!! From the very start, she made everything easy and relaxing. She was very supportive of our choice to write our own vows and make our ceremony more personal, which was exactly what we wanted! She spoke with grace, ease and poise, and followed our request to keep the day light […]
Love Shannon and Tom!

Ten years of officiating experience to make your day unforgettable.